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Oomi Air.

Safety, and the air that you breathe.

We think about some of our safety within our homes. About fires and smoke alarms. About locked doors and shut windows. But seldom do we think about the part of our home that has one of the biggest impacts upon our health and happiness. The air that we breathe.
Oomi Air changes that.

What Air measures.


Oomi Air steadily monitors airborne pollutants that cause risks to you and your family.

Fine Particle Meter capable of monitoring down to the extremely harmful PM 2.5 level.

Volatlie Organic Compound Meter for the monitoring of vaporised carcinogenic chemicals.

Easy to connect.

Oomi is easy, and Oomi Air is easy to install.

On the back of Oomi Cube sit several connectors, allowing for easy expansion of your system. Simply attach Air to the back of Cube, and it’s instantly a part of your system.

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