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Oomi RGB Bulb.

Let there be smart light.

Light does more than let us see. It sets the mood. Welcomes us to a new day. It can even communicate.

But it can only do these things when it’s smart light.

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Perfect shades of white.

A lot of LED bulbs that you can buy get one thing wrong: they output poor-quality, white light. Which is a problem, given that’s their main purpose.

Oomi RGB Bulb has been designed differently. Perfect white light is the most important thing it can offer your home.

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16 million other shades.

Oomi RGB Bulb offers more than just perfect shades of white light – it offers 16 million shades of other colours of light.While they can be manually selected, Cube IQ can also automatically control them. It will use select shades to communicate with you, showing the likes of green when an alarm system has been armed and red in the event of an emergency.

z wave light bulb

Network enhancer.

Oomi uses a lot of different technologies to manage your home, one of which is the wireless Z-Wave standard.To enhance network quality, each OomiRGB Bulb comes with a Z-Wave signal repeater built right in.