RGB Bulb.

Technical statistics


  • Controls: NFC (trigger to connects Cube system simply;learn how to use;understand the works status).
  • RGB light: Support 1 million color;support dim each color’s brightness.
  • White light: Warm lighting;Color temperature is from 2700K to 3500K;Support turn ON/OFF/Dim function.
  • LED indiactor: Show Cube RGB Bulb work status.
  • Z-Wave Security Mesh Wireless Network:Embed 500 series Z-Wave, a wireless, low power with AES128 security mesh network technology.
  • Interrupt Detector:External Switch Function–Put the device into inclusion / removal mode;Manual on / off of load.
  • Bulb Fitting Guide:Support E14, E26,E27,B22,B15 type.