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Oomi Cube.

The heart of your home.

Oomi Cube sits at the heart of every home. It’s the brains behind everything. It’s where Oomi IQ does its magic and where secure control of all your connected devices is made possible. But it’s more than just a processing center. Cube is an accessory unto itself.

The heart of your Oomi.

The Oomi starter kit offers a working home management system right out of the box. It can do this because the foundations it’s built upon are some of the best technologies ever made for home control. Built right into every Oomi Cube are the technologies that make it so perfect for home management including Oomi IQ, Tap-and-Touch and Z-Wave Plus.

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The heart of your security.

To unbox Oomi Cube is to unbox a whole new security system for your home. Cube is built around features design to protect your family’s safety and its security.

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The heart of your environment.

Oomi Cube doesn’t just protect your environment, it enhances it too. Built into each Cube are features that allow it to enhance your home theatre along with your heating and cooling systems. Those same features are also utilised by Oomi IQ to the benefit of its intelligence.

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Security at heart.

A home automation system has to be secure if it’s to sit at the centre of your home. Oomi is secure.

From hardened layers of encryption through to option use of Oomi’s cloud, we’ve built security into Oomi wherever possible.

Find out more about what makes Oomi a secure home automation system.

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