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We’d like to introduce you to Oomi.

Oomi can...

Increase your Home Security
Enhance your Entertainment
Manage your Comfort
Improve your Ambiance.

Oomi does all of this simply and sets up in under 5 minutes.


Matthias loves tech and home theater, so we made a special kit configuration just for you all and a special offer. In addition to Oomi Touch and Oomi Cube, you get 3 RGB bulbs and Oomi Streamer all for $439 after your Matthias rebate!


Oomi is not just smart home entertainment, it’s a smart home. In addition to giving you the ultimate home theater experience, you can also improve your home security, manage your comfort, and improve your ambiance. Have your lights come on automatically when you walk down a dark hall, or cool your home on your way home from work. Check in on your home when you’re away. The possibilities are endless. With Oomi, you can design the perfect smart home for you by adding more Oomi accessories such as door and window sensors, smart outlets and even an air monitor. It’s simple. It’s fun. And there’s nothing else like it.

There’s a lot more to know about Oomi. Check out our Indiegogo page for more details. Just come back to this page after you purchase a GOLD KIT, click the Get Rebate button below, and enter your details. We’ll send you $20 back via PayPal.

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The Matthias Gold Kit contains:

Value: $727.97 • Now: $459

Offer ends May 8. Act quick.

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Simply enter your name and email address (the same one you used to purchase the kit) into the fields below, and we'll send a $20 rebate to your PayPal account once our Indiegogo campaign has ended.


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