Hear No. See No... Crazy High Fees.


Some companies want to charge you $600 a year just to rent a security system. Oh, and don’t forget installation costs.

nettalk + oomi

What is Oomi?

Oomi is a smart home system that improves your security, entertainment, ambiance, and comfort. We have been developing Oomi for over three years and are shipping in October. Right now you can save over $300 by pre-ordering. We have already received almost $1.5 Million in pre-orders through a site called Indiegogo.

What is Indiegogo?

Indiegogo is the largest global crowdfunding site. It offers you innovative new products you can pre-order, and it helps us develop a community of early backers. For the Oomi campaign we have made several different packages available at a massive discount off retail. Indiegogo calls them perks.

You can purchase any of these perks from the right hand side of this page, and they include the Basic Kit, Silver Kit, Gold Kit, and Platinum Kit. When you choose your perk and click the "Get it Now" links it will take you to Indiegogo's “contribution” page, which is the same as checking out. Just fill in your shipping details, click "next" to pay with credit card or PayPal, and you're all set. Of course, if you want to check out the other perks and flash sales, feel free to check out the full Indiegogo page.

Oomi Security

Oomi is a modular system which you can expand to fit your needs. And the best part is anyone can install it in under 5 minutes. It’s flexible. It’s easy. It’s yours. You can also add additional monitoring capabilities with your current netTALK subscription for as little as $20 per year. We describe all of the accessories on our Indiegogo page, but we have also highlighted our security accessories below.



The Oomi Security Devices


Oomi Cube
Oomi Cube is the brain of your security system. It coordinates all of the other devices. It’s also the your most powerful security device. It has eight environmental sensors (such as glass-break and motion detection) as well as a camera with night vision so it can keep an eye on your home.


Oomi Touch
Oomi Touch is the controller for your system. It is the easiest way to setup and control your system. You also can use it to view the status of your home.


Oomi MultiSensor
Monitors a room for motion, temperature, light, UV rays, vibrations, and humidity. Use it to see when there is motion in your backyard or in your living room.


Oomi Door and Window Sensor
Monitors when something is opened and closed. Use it to know when little ones open a cabinet of dangerous items or when someone enters your home at night.


Oomi Cam
In addition to being an extra camera on your system, Oomi Cam also has a noise detector and siren. Use it to sound the alarm when suspicious activity is detected and keep an eye on another room in your home.

Oomi Security Plans

Everyone has different security needs. Choose the plan that suites your situation best.


How does Oomi compare?

Better. Smarter. Less Expensive. Oomi offers a lot for a little.


The security system that just does more.

Oomi is not just a smart home security system, it’s a full smart home system. In addition to monitoring your home, you can also enhance your entertainment, manage your comfort, and improve your ambiance. Have your lights come on automatically when you walk down a dark hall, or cool your home on your way home from work. Set the perfect mood for movie night with the touch of a button. The possibilities are endless. With Oomi, you can design the perfect smart home for you by adding more Oomi accessories such as smart light bulbs, smart outlets, air monitors, and even a media streamer. It’s simple. It’s fun. And there’s nothing else like it.

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