Oomi.The smart home is finally smart.

Oomi has been designed to intelligently manage your home and let you control it from anywhere.

Oomi makes your home smarter. Easier.

A home that looks after itself, intelligently. A smart home that you can install yourself, simply. A smart home that you can control, anywhere. A home that learns how you use it, automatically.

Oomi is the first smart home system that is truly easy to setup. It's also the first that learns how you use your home and then manages it for you.

oomi starter kit

What’s in the Oomi kit?

The 3 powerful items that are the foundation of every Oomi home.
home automation accessories

Powerful accessories.

Perfect accessories that empower.
home automation security and privacry

Oomi takes security seriously.

Secure home. Secure home management.
countries for oomi system
learning home automation system

Learns for ease. Learns for intelligence.

Oomi learns how you use your home and starts to manage it.
coffee work meeting

Oomi is smart. Really smart.

Oomi manages. Oomi adapts. Oomi is smart.

Installation doesn’t get simplier.

Setting up a smart home is no longer difficult.
Oomi makes it easy through the power of touch. No difficulty. No fuss.
With Oomi you simply Tap-and-Touch and setup is done.

simple home automation setup

1Plug in an Oomi accessory or insert its batteries.

tap and touch plug

2 Tap the new accessory with Oomi Touch.

tap touch oomi touch

3Change any settings you like direct on Touch and click done. That’s it. It’s that easy.

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