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Oomi Plug.

Your wall outlets go wireless.

Tap. Touch. Enhance.

Insert Oomi Plug into a wall outlet, Tap-and-Touch, and that outlet is now a wireless switch on your Oomi network.

You can now wirelessly control it, understand how much money the devices plugged into cost to run, or leave it up to Oomi IQ to automate it.

Adaptive Intelligence

Watch what you spend.

RGB LED lets you know how much electricity your devices are consuming at a glance.

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Perfectly sized.

Plug is a good neighbour. Discrete but capable, measuring just over two inches / 60mm square, we’ve designed Oomi Plug so that it won’t impede the use of the other wall plug.

USB charging.

Oomi Plug contains a USB charging port so you can power up depleted devices such as tablets and smart phones.

Wireless everything.

Control from across the room, or the other side of the world.

Every Oomi Plug has Z-Wave built right in and is Tap-and-Touch ready. That means once you’ve easily connected Plug to Oomi, you can control from it from anywhere. Wirelessly.

You also get a whole range of other benefits from Plug’s wireless technology.

With a wireless repeater discretely crafted inside, Plug boosts the strength of Oomi’s wireless network ensuring perfect performance. And so that Plug itself always works perfectly, it’s able to receive hassle free, over-the-air firmware upgrades from Oomi Cube.