Welcome to the Oomi Project!

The link below will take you to
our $310-Savings product page
but first, a quick explanation...

Oomi has been in the development stage for 3 years and is quite simply the easiest and most comprehensive Home Automation System available today.

The funds for this project were raised through INDIEGOGO - a popular "crowd-funding" website – and this is how substantial savings have become available to early bird purchasers.

We're also pretty proud that we have received 28 times the funding we were initially looking for from consumers excited to be first in line - if that’s not testimony to a superior approach to Smart Home technology… we don’t know what is!

The final product will be ready to ship in September of this year and, as you’ll see on our INDIEGOGO page, the savings are huge when you pre-order now.

So click below and head on over to INDIEGOGO for all the details and save a bundle by pre-ordering now!


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