Security and Oomi.

Your home needs security.
And so does your home control system.

Any technology in your home needs to be secure. We’ve focused on making Oomi an incredibly secure system. Here are some of the security features that the Oomi system includes:

security end-to end

Encrypted from end to end.

When you access Oomi through the cloud, your information is encrypted through various layers of SSL, banking-grade AES 128 bit encryption, and private keys. These encryption measures are put in place even before you log in.

security point to point

Encrypted from point to point.

Oomi isn’t just secure on the way to and from the cloud. It’s also secure within your home. We use the same banking-grade AES 128 bit encryption when data is being transferred between devices in your home.

independent user accounts

Independant User Accounts.

Everyone in your house can use their own Oomi account. Oomi even allows you to give different levels of access to its features, accessories and settings.

home automation without cloud

Avoid the Cloud Altogether.

The cloud allows you to monitor and control your home from anywhere in the world. Still, we know that some people would prefer to avoid it. Oomi gives you the option to opt out of our cloud services.

secure connected home

Hardwired Security Light.

See that blue LED? That’s how you know that you’re using Oomi’s camera. It’s a hardwired light that can’t be disabled; when the camera is on, the light is on. So you’ll always know when Cube’s camera is being used.

disable oomi camera

A Real Coverup.

A camera is a great security and communication tool, but it might not be for everyone. We’ve included an elegant cover that magnetically affixes itself to Oomi Cube. When it’s on, it physically blocks the camera so you know you can’t be seen.

now it sees you

Hear no.
See no.

If the cover doesn’t satisfy your privacy concerns, Oomi Cube has another solution: two tiny switches on the underside of Hub that allow you to disable the operation of its camera and microphone. When they’re in the off position and the line of power to the camera and microphone is physically cut off. There is no way to turn them back on without physical access to your cube.