Hear No. See No... Crazy High Fees.


Some companies want to charge you $600 a year just to rent a security system. Oh, and don’t forget installation costs.

With Oomi, you can design a system that meets your needs and install it yourself in under 5 minutes. It’s flexible. It’s easy. It’s yours. You can also add Oomi Personal Home Monitoring for only $60 per year.

nettalk + oomi

Fire your security company.

Buy the Oomi Security Kit today and you can add Personal Home Monitoring powered by netTALK for only $60 a year. Ready to ship in October, the Oomi Security Kit is available for pre-order for just $389 - that’s a savings of $310.

"In the last two months the police came to my house responding to 6 false alarms for a variety of reasons. Not one was a real emergency. It was nice to know they are responding, but it wasn’t nice to get a bill for those false responses."

--Sonnet from Boulder.


The Oomi security comes with:

Camera With Night Vision

Motion Detectors

Door & Window Monitors

Audio Monitoring

And all that looks just like this:


The security system that does more for less.

With its intelligence controller and array of sensors, the Oomi Security Kit offers your family and your home a lot of protection.


Monitor Your Home From Anywhere.
Using Oomi Cube’s audio and video feeds. Turn it off when you’re not.


Contact Your Emergency List.
Whenever something odd is detected in your home.


Deter Break-Ins.
By having your home mimic your lighting patterns while you’re away.


Contact Emergency Services.
Automatically if there is an urgent problem in your home.


Communicate With Loved Ones.
At home from anywhere in the world by calling in to your Oomi system.


Calls you anywhere.
Using Oomi Cube’s audio and video feeds. Turn it off when you’re not.

How does Oomi compare?

Better. Smarter. Cheaper. Oomi offers a lot for a little.


A setup that takes only minutes.

Take the hassle out of home security. With our patent pending Tap-and-Touch technology you can have your smart home security system up and running in about 5 minutes. No need to worry about scheduling an appointment or having a stranger in your home to install your system.

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The security system that just does more.

Oomi is not just a smart home security system, it’s a full smart home system. In addition to monitoring your home, you can also enhance your entertainment, manage your comfort, and improve your ambiance. Have your lights come on automatically when you walk down a dark hall, or cool your home on your way home from work. Set the perfect mood for movie night with the touch of a button. The possibilities are endless. With Oomi, you can design the perfect smart home for you by adding more Oomi accessories such as smart light bulbs, smart outlets, air monitors, and even a media streamer. It’s simple. It’s fun. And there’s nothing else like it.


Save big, this week only.

Our Security Kit includes Oomi Touch, your home controller; Oomi Cube, which has a night-vision security camera and eight other sensors; three Oomi Door Window sensors, which allow you to tell when doors are used; and one Oomi MultiSensor, which has 6 different sensors in it including motion.

The Security Saver Kit contains:

Value: $699 • Now: $389

Offer ends May 8. Act quick.

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