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Oomi Streamer.

Entertainment in HD.
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What is Oomi Streamer?

Plug the tiny Oomi Streamer into your TV’s HDMI portand instantly the Internet’s and HD videos are right there and ready to be enjoyed in your home theatre.

Oomi Streamer comes pre-loaded with Android 4.2, letting you load the Internet and any app or game from the Google Play store right onto your TV. Suddenly all the media that you could want to watch, fromthe likes of YouTube and Netflix,is yours in HD and away from your PC.


The net goes prime time.

Not only can you stream video and audio from the Internet through dedicated Google Play store apps, but you can also load any website onto your TV via Oomi Streamer.


Control with Touch.

You’ll have full control of Oomi Streamer from a dedicated app that’s built right into Oomi Touch. Like every part of the Oomi experience, Streamer’s app is custom crafted, offering perfect and easy control of Streamer and the media you can access through it.

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