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Oomi Streamer.

Entertainment in HD.
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Stream your favorite content directly to your TV.

Plug Steamer into your TV’s HDMI port to start casting music, movies, and shows directly from the internet to your TV.

Connect your favorite streaming services like Netflix, HBO Go, and Youtube and start to enjoy all of the content you love.

Oomi Streamer comes with Android 4.2 built inside which lets you surf the web and use any Android app right on your TV.


The Net Goes Prime Time.

Oomi Streamer connects to your wifi and allows you to surf the web on your television, so you can get all of your favorite content from the web.


Control with Oomi Touch

Oomi Touch comes with a custom crafted app to control Streamer. Touch also has physical buttons so you can quickly pause your movie or turn up the volume.

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