Oomi learns.

Oomi is the first learning home control system. To date, home control systems have been too complicated. They’ve revolved around difficult hardware installation and complicated software setup; some even go so far as to ship with their own scripting language that the end-user needs to learn. Oomi takes the opposite approach, learning as Oomi and accessories attached to it are used, and then offering up the potential to the end-user for full automation. One of the key takeaways here is that Oomi never simply automates a house, it thoughtfully asks for permission first.

What the Nest does for a single thermostat, Oomi does for the whole home. The intelligence engine built into Oomi is dubbed Oomi IQ™. It learns in a similar way to Nest, looking for user input and patterns. It then turns these into an intelligent automation schedule, requesting a home owner’s permission before actually implementing it. But Oomi is much smarter. Oomi IQ uses a broader set of data points than its more limited learning cousins. It needs to; it’s managing a whole home, and not a single heating or cooling point. These data points include feedback from sensors connected directly to Oomi, and third-party data sources such as weather, air quality and traffic APIs.

Oomi isn’t a static system, and its automation schedules aren’t firmly fixed. Instead, Oomi has been designed to be responsive, looking for real-world data input before performing automatic actions. This data can include the location of a user within the home or outside of it, data provided by Oomi’s accessories such as a room presence and door lock status, as well as API derived data such as weather and environmental factors.

And more anecdotally what we’ve written in scripts:

One of the biggest problems with other home automation systems is that they assume that your life runs to an unchanging schedule. It doesn’t. Cube solves that through what we’ve called our Adaptive Intelligence engine. This patent-pending engine looks for in-home and real-world data cues in order to intelligently adjust the Cube system to your lifestyle. Say you have to get to work each weekday by 9am. Cube knows it. But it knows that today the traffic is really bad so it chooses to wake you up 15 minutes earlier. You get the same pleasant wake up you want but you also get to avoid the evil looks that your boss is so good at giving you. Cube is the first home management system that uses learning, intelligence, and simple actions to create a system that really approaches smart, home management in the right way.

Our Adaptive Intelligence engine, or Oomi IQ, identifies patterns in your life and also takes cues from real-time data points to adjust to you and how you live. For example, Oomi might know you wake up each morning for work at 8, but it also knows that today a traffic jam will prevent you from arriving on time. Not only will it wake you 15 minutes earlier, but the heat will turn on so you’re not cold when you get out of bed.

Now, you might think such an intuitive system would be complicated to use. But the only requirement for you to program Oomi is to use your home as you normally would. Oomi will learn your schedule.

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