oomi home automation kit

A powerful package.

A powerful system begins with a powerful starter package. One that is easy to use. One that is intelligent.
To make Oomi as easy to use and as powerful as it is, we’ve crafted 3 core devices that are the foundation of every Oomi home – Cube, Touch and Band. Each has been designed to empower Oomi. Each is powered by Oomi IQ.

Oomi Cube.

Oomi Cube sits at the centre of every home and at the centre of the Oomi Starter Kit. It’s the brains behind everything. It’s where Oomi IQ does it magic and where secure control of all your connected devices is made possible. But it’s more than just a processing centre. Cubeis an accessory unto itself. Built right in to Cube are the foundations for new intelligent systems in your home; a high-definition camera for modern video-enabled security, remote-control cloning tools for home theatre and home climate control, and expansion ports for air quality and health monitoring.

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Oomi Plug.

Control and monitor. Wirelessly. Safely. Plug turns any ordinarily outlet into a modern marvel of convenience. When you power a device through Plug, you’ll gain wireless control, real-time energy monitoring and even over load protection. You can even configure the LED ring to function as a night light when nothing is plugged in at all. The convenient USB port provides an additional power port for smart phones and tablets. Like all things Oomi, Plug is incredibly easy to set-up on your system and easy to control.

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Oomi Touch.

Oomi Touch is Oomi’s core interface. It’s the tool that enables Tap-to-Setup and makes Oomi the easiest home automation system to install. Touch can control any Oomi device, making it a beautiful universal remote control for your entire home. It can also show you the status of any connected device in your home, from unlocked doors to electronics you forgot to turn off before bed. And it has the essence of Oomi IQ built right in, meaning that every action performed on Touch helps Oomi learn precisely how you like your home to be.

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