tap touch

Introducing Tap-and-Touch.

Inspired by the idea of the simple effectiveness and the power of touch, Tap-and-Touch is quite simply the easiest way to set-up your smart home.

Simply plug in or power up Oomi Cube or any Oomi accessory. Then, using Oomi Touch, tap the accessory or Oomi Cube. Immediately the component is recognized and included as part of your system. Tap the accessory again at any time and you can adjust settings, get more information about the device, and even launch on board tutorials and videos.

Tap-and-Touch and set-up is done. It’s that simple.

Installation doesn’t get simplier.

Setting up a smart home is no longer difficult.
Oomi makes it easy through the power of touch.No difficulty.No fuss.
With Oomi you simply Tap-and-Touch and setup is done.

simple home automation setup

1Plug in an Oomi accessory or insert its batteries.

tap and touch plug

2 Tap the new accessory with Oomi Touch.

tap touch oomi touch

3Change any settings you like direct on Touch and click done. That’s it. It’s that easy.