expanding oomi

The power of the 1,200.

Oomi offers unbridled expansion.

There are the controllers that come in its starter kit. There are the accessories that are perfectly tuned for its system. There are the category-leading devices that have been integrated to work with it. And then there’s the power of the 1,200.
Part of what makes the Oomi system great is the technology that’s built inside Oomi and its accessories. Those technologies include Z-Wave Plus, the leading standard for wireless, home control.

Z-Wave Plus means a lot for Oomi, such a foundation that rests upon really low-powered, reliable wireless technology. But if you look past the technicalities, what Z-Wave Plus really means is that you’re guaranteed that Oomi isn’t a closed system. That’s because devices that are Z-Wave Plus certified are compatible with each other. That means that Z-Wave and Z-Wave Plus devices that are not made specifically for Oomi are still compatible with it. And there are currently over 1,200 of them.

That’s 1,200 devices ready to be connected to your Oomi system. That’s 1,200 devices ready to work for your home just like Oomi does. They don’t all offer Oomi’s fantastic Tap-and-Touch technology, but they offer you an assurance that with Oomi you’ll never be limited either by our accessories or the potential that Oomi has for your home.

aeotecGEFibaroz wave plus

Oomi’s own accessories.



Oomi entertains in HD.

switch USPlug.

Switches go wireless.
oomi air


Safety, and the air that you breathe.

bulbRGB Bulb.

Let there be smart light.