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Oomi Touch.

Tap. Touch. Enjoy.

Oomi Touch drives Oomi.

It’s the device that enables Tap-and-Touch and it’s the device that makes Oomi the easiest home automation system to install and to use.


Powers Tap-and-Touch.

Oomi is the easiest home automation system to setup thanks to the power of Tap-and-Touch. And Tap-and-Touch is powered and enabled by Oomi Touch.

Using a blend of hardware and software, Touch allows you to add any device to your Oomi system by simply tapping the device and touching Touch’s screen.

Find out more about Tap-and-Touch.

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Your home’s app.

To make Oomi perfect for your home, we had to first design the perfect accessories for it, Oomi Touch included. From there we had to craft the perfect in-home experience. That came down to customs apps for Touch, each of them dedicated to different function, from interfaces for Tap-and-Touch through to apps dedicated to home theatre and entertainment control.

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Use it anywhere.

With its sleek curves, Oomi Touch has been designed for use. But we know that won’t always be the case. That’s why a dedicated stand is provided with Touch. Simply place it within the stand’s slot and Touch is magnetically held in place while being recharged by the stand’s inbuilt charger.

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Gesture controls

Oomi has been designed to manage your home for you. But for all those times you want manual control there is Oomi Touch, dedicated apps and other controllers. There’s also the power of gestures.

That most basic of human connections, touching, is what inspired Tap-and-Touch. Similarly, we were inspired by the simplicity of gestures, so we built customizable gesture control right into ever Oomi Touch.